Introducing the New Pioneer Village Hall

The New Pioneer Village Hall will allow OCHS to meet current needs and accomplish future goals as follows:

• Expand the number of school tours and senior tours by 20%

• Offer year-around educational programs and exhibits

• Increase the number of major events held each year

• Provide the opportunity to rent the Pioneer Village Hall to members and the general public for family reunions, weddings and special occasions

Pioneer Village Hall: In 2014, the Ozaukee County Historical Society is committed to building a year-around facility at Ozaukee County Pioneer Village that will include indoor restroom facilities, a new commercial grade food service area and multi-purpose gathering space for indoor programming, educational activities, meetings, exhibits and rental use. The building will be approximately 80’ x 100’ and will accommodate 150-200 people. The first phase of the project will be the exterior perimeters along with the new restroom and food service facilities. Our goal is to complete this phase by the end of 2014. The second phase is to complete the inside finish work, exhibit area and multi-use gathering space by the middle of 2015.

The budget for the project is $300,000. This amount will be raised over the next one to two years through soliciting grants, donations from the corporate community, donations from individuals, donor programs and through sponsored fund-raising activities. An endowment of $50,000 will be established to cover future operating expenses and ensure the continued future of this facility.

Donor Opportunities: Several opportunities are being offered to
encourage families and local businesses to donate funds and receive
life-time recognition. “Commemorative Milestones”, an engraved
boulder program and “Come and Sit a Spell”, a commemorative
bench/rocking chair program are two other ways to have your
generosity go down in history

Port Washington State Bank donates $10,000
Donor Program 'Come Sit a Spell' Bench/Rocker Program
Donor Program 'Commemorative Milestones' Engrave Boulder Program
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