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May 2018 Quarterly Meeting

Stepping back in History in Southeastern Wisconsin/Ozaukee County

It was approximately 13,000 years ago when the first people occupied the area now known as Southeastern Wisconsin. Fortunately, the material culture they left behind allowed archaeologists to study the hunting strategies, conflicts, beliefs and lifestyles of these early people. As a result, Ozaukee County’s archaeological record is rich in the material culture of Paleo, Archaic, Woodland and Historic people.

On Monday, May 7th, our Quarterly Meeting speaker will be Sarah Smith, MS, RPA, an anthropologist with the University of British Columbia and Port Washington Historical Society. Sarah specializes in analyzing the human remains from archaeological sites and in the archaeology of the fur trade, warfare and area shipwrecks.  Her lecture will explore the area’s archaeological sites, including the Hilgen Springs Mound in Cedarburg, Port Washington’s ocher burials, and remnants of the 17th-19tth century fur trade. Guests are encouraged to bring their own “finds” or collections to the meeting.

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