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May 2016 Quarterly Meeting

The Shopkeeper's View

We invite you to take an imaginary stroll with us down Cedarburg’s Washington Avenue on May 2nd, as the Ozaukee County Historical Society presents “Going Back on the Commercial Side of Cedarburg”. Narrated by Gus “Sandy” Wirth, you’ll hear stories of retail establishments in Cedarburg decades ago, including tales of generations of the Wirth family and their wide variety of general store merchandise. Sandy will be assisted by his niece, Mary Jo, and by Denise Boerner, representing the Boerner Bros. general store in Cedarburg. Be prepared for an evening of fun, relaxation and historic information.

Photo Caption: The 12 children of the third generation of Wirth’s in Cedarburg born between 1884 and 1903. Left to Right, Back Row, Livia, Etz, Teckla, Utz, Hertha. Center Row, Palmer, Gus, Sr., Joy. Front Row, Delwin, Wincie, Glady, Roma, Gus, Jr.

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