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November 2016 Quarterly Meeting

Creating a Living Legacy

Join the Ozaukee County Historical Society on Monday evening, November 7, at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, as we focus on preserving and sharing oral histories. Our speaker for the evening is lifelong Ozaukee County resident, Dick Liersch, Founder of “My Living Legacy”.  

For over 35 years, Dick has been video recording life stories. His passion for saving these stories has evolved from a hobby into a “how-to” compact disc called “My Living Legacy”, sold on Amazon.  Dick will teach us all the basics on how to video record a life story for both personal family use and for historical societies. He will cover the equipment needed and the “how-to” including the “who, what, where and when”—and the “do’s and don’ts” of the recording process.  Dick will also discuss lighting and sound and how to prepare interview questions.  

In addition to recording life stories as a business, Dick uses his free time as the volunteer Videographer for the Ozaukee County Historical Society and the Port Washington Historical Society. Dick has lots of interesting stories to tell about the people he has met as well as his own personal experiences, such as when he was capturing his father’s life story he discovered his father and Charles Lindbergh were flight students together!    

“My Living Legacy”, besides being available in the United States is also sold in Europe, Canada and Australia. Join us in learning how to preserve memories for future generations of families and friends.     

Saving The Secrets Of The Deep
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