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February 2018 Quarterly Meeting

The Secrets of Freistadt Come to Life

Freistadt—one of the first communities to be established in Ozaukee County almost 180 years ago, no longer appears on most maps. Yet, it still exists, and so does the Trinity Freistadt Historical Site—a complex of 12 buildings available for tours. Come and join us at our Quarterly Meeting and find out more about the site and the hidden “secrets” of Freistadt. Who was “Blind Franz”? What was a “dog power”? Why did one-half of the church sue the other half in 1847? Why could no settler live more than one-and-one-fourth miles east of Freistadt? Terry Schoessow, the education coordinator for the group, and our speaker for the evening will share these secrets and lots more information for everyone to enjoy.

Saving The Secrets Of The Deep
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