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November 2018 Quarterly Meeting

What’s Playing? - AUDIOPHILE RECORDS Inc.

For over 20 years (1947-1969), AUDIOPHILE Records Inc. from Saukville, Wisconsin, recorded the music of different genres, including Dixieland, Jazz and Easy Listening. At the same time, sound recordings were produced under this label, featuring “Echoes of the Storm” (AP-20), which includes recording the biggest thunderstorm that occurred in Milwaukee in 1952. This musical and technological adventure was the product of a visionary man named Ewing D. Nunn (1900-1976), inventor, entrepreneur and above all, fan of good music and believer in high fidelity sound recording. These records, in their beautifully red ruby color, are part of a catalog composed of hundreds of albums, and their story is something that the Oscar Grady Public Library is eager to share. Martin Morante, Library Assistant II, Adult & Teen Services at the library, will talk about some of the history behind one of Ewing D. Nunn’s greatest achievements and legacy.

Our Quarterly Meeting will be held Monday, November 5th, at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, W62 N546 Washington Ave., Cedarburg. The business meeting begins at 7:00 pm, with the presentation at 7:30 pm. This event is free and open to the public. Complimentary refreshments are provided; free, on-site parking is available.

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