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May 2019 Quarterly Meeting

The Importance of Cedarburg's Dams, Then and Now

The historic City of Cedarburg is often defined by three dams located on Cedar Creek: the Wittenberg Woolen Mill Dam at Bridge Street and Washington Avenue; the Hilgen-Schroeder Mill Dam at Columbia Road and Portland Road; and the Columbia Mill Dam at Highland Avenue and Columbia Road. Built by Cedarburg pioneers to supply water power to early industries, the dams have become important locally, and beyond.


Well-known Cedarburg author and resident, Paul G. Hayes, will speak about the history and the current importance of these dams at our May Quarterly meeting. Hayes and his wife, Philia, have lived on the banks of the Columbia Mill Pond since 1979, where they maintain a pier and a “fleet of vessels” that includes a paddle boat, a canoe and two kayaks for visiting friends and grandchildren. Hayes was environment, energy and naturaL sciences reporter for The Milwaukee Journal for 33 years prior to its merger with the Milwaukee Sentinel in April 1995, when he retired.


Our Quarterly Meeting will be held Monday, May 6, at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, W62 N546 Washington Ave., Cedarburg. The business meeting begins at 7:00 pm, with the speaker’s presentation at 7:30 pm. This event is free and open to the public. Complimentary refreshments are provided; free, on-site parking is available.

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